Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ah, Frustraion

So, I've had a few studio dates in the last month or so with various different projects but not one of them has been finished. Between taking care of a lot of personal business in my short time that I get to enjoy off the road in the summer and the people I've been working with having several other projects going on at the same time we haven't been able to make any good headway on one particular thing.

Oh well, it goes like that and those recordings will still be here when I get back from the next leg of what I like to call the "CrazyDoug North American Tour 2014".

Of course that's not what it's officially called, but that's what I like to call it.

I'm thinking of doing a video series on my YouTube channel from the road while I travel. We'll see how that goes, maybe it'll happen, maybe I'll flake out on it for now but it's been on my mind for a few months now so maybe I should look into getting a decent camera.

Ta, for now. I'm finished packing up and it's back on the road with me. First stop, Denver. Then KCMO and Pittsburgh before hitting Baltimore.

♫"On the road, again..."♪♪

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What happened to the posts that were here ?!?

Everything that was here is now posted at where it belongs. I'll be publishing my random stories and rants on that address just like it used to be back in the day.

This page will be dedicated to my music and other artistic endeavors so If you'd like to keep up with that kind of thing then keep this bookmark and add the other for the craziness :)